EURADOS Calibration intercomparison IC2023calib

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 Welcome to the EURADOS Calibration intercomparison IC2023calib! 

On this homepage, interested participants of the EURADOS Calibration intercomparison IC2023calib can receive information about the status of the intercomparison and download related documents. Registration, etc. will be done via email:

The registration is open until 31 July 2023 – please download the 'IC2023calib Application Form' from the 'Documents' section of this homepage.

This interlaboratory comparison is intended for institutes and laboratories performing internal or external calibration irradiations of passive dosemeters, in our case passive area dosemeters in terms of H*(10) = 10 mSv.

Upon registration, you can choose one, two, three or four of the following radiation qualities: N-30, N-150, S-Cs (Caesium-137) and S-Co (Cobalt-60).

The irradiations must be performed on or around 11 October 2023.

Best regards,
IC2023calib Organisation Group
(Christian Naber, Julia Aslan, Maria A. Duch, Christian Hranitzky)

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